Monday, October 27, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I am happy to say that we are no longer surrounded by boxes (for the most part).
Even though they were fun to climb on...
We are loving our new house and neighborhood, and we are having fun fixing up the inside. We need to paint before we can do much more. Not loving the stark white walls, but at least they are not wallpapered! It is so nice to have more room for our growing boys. Carson and Cole love having a much bigger yard to play in and a new trampoline (an early birthday present from Nan) to work off all that energy!

Five Years Ago Today...

...our first baby boy was born (two weeks late). After months and months of preparation that included attending useless childbirth classes with our friends (I have never laughed so hard!) it was finally the big day. Mark and I had dinner at Chili's the night before I was induced (our "last" meal before becoming parents) and then headed to the hospital. We brought baby Carson home on Halloween Day. We carefully laid him in the bassinet in our living room and then sat looking at each other, wondering what to do next. (We figured it out pretty quickly).

Today he turned five years old... so hard to believe. Everyone warns you how fast the years fly by, but you never fully understand it until your babies are no longer babies!

Carson had a fun day with Cole and our friends Brenna, Chloe and Hayden. We took the kids to the Rainforest Cafe in Grapevine and had a great time. Of course, both of our camera batteries were dead so we have no pictures to document the occasion. Tonight Mark brought balloons home, we had a spaghetti dinner (one of Carson's favorites), and cupcakes. He opened a couple of presents and went to bed happy and content to finally be five!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

One down... one to go.

Yea! We closed on our house today!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

State Fair

Last Friday night we took a hiatus from packing and went to the fair. We all had a great time. We watched the parade, ate, went to the petting zoo, and Carson and I rode the big ferris wheel together! I could not believe he was brave enough to ride it, but he was not the least bit scared.

Cole walked around the fair with his hands behind his back just like we do at preschool! It was so funny.