Friday, July 25, 2008

Julie and Doug's Wedding

This weekend my cousin Julie got married! Her new husband, Doug, and Mark work together.

New family - Julie, Doug, Ashley, Avery and Havannah
Julie encouraged us to bring the boys, but Cole didn't last for the reception (there was a staircase...need I say more)? Mark ended up taking him home early...
Carson and Avery
My cousin Debbie (Mother of the Bride), aunt Joyce, and my mom Jane
Ashley and Carson
Avery and Havannah
Ladies' Man
Laura and Steven
The bride
Lemme see that Tootsie Roll!
Night-night, Laura!
Mark helped Carson say his prayers that night, but when I went in to tuck him in he asked me to say them again. When I finished he said, "And Mommy, don't forget that girl I danced with."

That "girl" was Crazy Ray's wife of 53 years, Mattie. She tore up the dance floor!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We're back from our relaxing weekend and today was Mark's first official day back to work after his two weeks off. We had a wonderful time, the boys did great without us, the food was delicious, and we met some really nice and fun people. The Gaylord was like another world to itself - I'd highly recommend it.

We had a huge suite on the top floor with a balcony that opened up to the atrium. Here is the view from our balcony:
Here are a slew of pics from our trip. If we look really red it's because we are; we both got too much sun at the pool on Saturday! They had a lot of things that the boys would enjoy, so we want to take them back when Cole gets a little older... like indoor fireworks
This guy (who was real)
A performing monkey And this creature (who was really a lady)

Like Daddy

The other day Carson wanted to dress up like Mark because, "I want to pretend I'm a daddy. I want to be just like my daddy."
I grabbed the camera and told him to stand still so I could take his picture and he said, "Wait until I button this button, Mommy, so I can look distinguished."
Where does he come up with this stuff?

As much as this kid can talk, he has never really said anything too embarassing when we've been out in public together... until yesterday. We were in a shoe store and I was glad to see a play table for kids at the back of the store. I sat the boys down at the table and a few minutes later a little boy almost as tall as Carson sat down with a pacifier in his mouth. I did a double-take and then I heard Carson say to him, "Don't you think you should take that paci out of your mouth?" The boy shrugged his shoulders and said, "Yes" and took it out and sat it on the table. I was horrified and quickly looked around to make sure the mother wasn't within hearing range (thankfully she wasn't). I caught Carson's eye and shook my head and mouthed, "NO!" Carson nodded and kept playing.

I shopped around a few more minutes and then decided I'd better not press my luck any further so I gathered everyone up to leave. We almost made it to the door and were walking right past the mother when Carson says, "Mommy don't you know big boys aren't supposed to have pacifiers?"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

After My Own Heart

This kid right here... He looooooooves himself some corn on the cob! Here he is covered head to toe in corn. (More head than anywhere else)!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Gaylord Texan... Here We Come!!

Mark surprised me by arranging (big points there) a weekend getaway before he has to go back to work next week, and I could not be more excited! The best part is that our moms are going to take turns babysitting, which means we may be able to enjoy some adult conversation over meals without Cole letting the entire restaurant know he does not want to sit in his high chair.

On Friday night we're going to take a tour of this vinyard and the rest of the weekend we plan to spend a lot of time eating and working out at the fitness center. Not really. We'll probably relax here instead:

Did I mention eating? Can't wait!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Campout (Kind Of) And Dress-Up

Ashley and Avery stayed with us today and the kids got all geared up to go camping... in the kitchen!

Avery and Carson laid down to watch a cartoon and "rest" in my bed and when I went in to check on them I found they were up to no good. She had dressed Carson up in all my clothes! If you could only smell the perfume! Blackmail, Baby...Spiderman Avery and Pirate Carson. Arrrrrrgh, Matey!
Look at those Spiderman curls!

18 Months and change

Look at this sweet face! Right before he BIT me!!!!!So sad.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fourth of July 2008

Popsicles... Yum! Fun in the lake. Trying to get everyone to pose...
We weren't very successful...
Cole wasn't afraid of the fireworks, but he stayed right in my lap and I could feel his heart just pounding away.
Watching a video on the ride home...
Have you ever seen such a tired face?