Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Carson's End of Kinder Awards Ceremony

I can't believe the end of Kindergarten is here already. The year literally flew by! It seems like yesterday we were walking him to school on the first day in these pics:

But my "not so little guy" is now a first grader! They had an awards ceremony to commemorate the end of the year.
Car's principal Mr. Fisher and Assistant Principal Mrs. Crabtree. They are so nice and great with the kids, and they both live on our street so we run into them a lot.
Carson's sweet teacher Mrs. Tuley and his classmates. He could not have been more blessed with a better teacher to get his school career started off on the right foot. I feel so fortunate that she was everything I could have asked for and more.

Getting a certificate for reading and free ticket to Six Flags... YAY!

Car is SO tall... always has been and is still growing like a weed. He already comes up to my shoulders and is only 6!

He was so happy that Cole got to visit his school! Cole was thrilled as well. Of course, he wanted to go on the stage, too.

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