Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer, Summer, Summertime!

Well summertime is definitely here and we've been busy already. On Carson's last day of Kindergarten Cole wanted to go to Northpark to "see the ducks and turtles." We had such a fun and relaxing day together, just hanging out, having lunch, and playing tag in the courtyard.

On Memorial day we took the boys to my mom's to swim, grill and visit. She gave Cole a fresh haircut for summer!

Carson has begging for his cousins to come over and spend the night. Ashley had recital practice, so we definitely missed her, but the kids had a great time together. They loved making this Jiffy-Pop. Avery said, "This is the best popcorn in the entire world!!"
Sweet Avery
Cole is normally a daredevil but in the pool he sticks pretty much to the steps and the shallow ledge. Probably a good thing, really! He does love the water though.
These two absolutely love each other. They both swim like fish and had such a fun time playing together. I have never seen two kids who get along so well. They stayed up talking until almost 11PM but I found them up and playing in Carson's room at 6:15 the next morning.

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Mrs. Laura said...

I love that Avery and Carson love each other so much! :) It's precious!